Tuesday, August 14

Idaho Bound!

The last week... wrapping things up in Estes. I had started bolting a sport route out at one of my favorite little cliffs - the Monastery - that I needed to finish up. The route turned out super cool, and quite a bit harder than I originally expected (seems to be the theme). It climbs a rad arete feature for a few bolts and then breaks onto the face for some classic Monastery style awesomeness. I named it 'Hyperdrive' partly to stick to a slight futuristic route theme there and also in response to the ridiculous pace of my life recently. It seems like for the last month or two, if I wasn't traveling I was hiking or training or busting ass I was probably writing or packing or strategizing or something. It's been hectic. I could never keep at it like this if I wasn't passionate about what I'm doing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I'm stoked.

just a few days of rest (ish) and... we're bored
I also took one last trip up the North Face of Longs Peak to help my good buddy Andy Mann set up an anchor and rap into the Diamond to shoot some really cool images of Mayan Smith-Gobot on 'Hearts and Arrows' 12a, what seems to be the new Diamond favorite - nice one Chris and Bruce! He came away with some kick ass shots as usual and I got to spend the day relaxing on the summit. Not bad. 

I came down to Boulder a few days ago, eager to get in a few gym sessions in preparation for the next trip. As it turns out, weeks of hiking, altitude, climbing mostly cracks, dihedrals and dead vertical terrain is not super kick ass for your sport climbing game. I got my ass kicked in the gym a little bit for sure, but after a couple days I'm feeling it come back. 

Otherwise, I'm packing up my life, getting ready to head to Idaho and Wyoming for a month on a bolting mission. I'm super stoked about this trip, the areas, the people, the potential. Should be awesome! I'll be making a fun short video for Climb On! along the way, so keep an eye out for that sometime next month. Also, I'm interviewing bad ass Alli Rainey for my next 5Q's - I'm really looking forward to her answers, I think it'll be a good one! check back for it soon. 

Alright... time to pack the truck!