Wednesday, April 30

made it.

Well... I made it. Back in the French countryside. Quite surreal really. A landscape and a pace of life that's something from a dream. And of course the climbing... is as close to perfection as I've ever tasted. It's fun to revisit this area and this country 2 years after my last adventure here.

I landed in Nice last week and spent the first afternoon relaxing by the beach, catching up from the long flights. The next few days I met up with my good friends Tommy, Becca and Fitz Caldwell and we settled into our wicked little gite nestled in the hills below Ceuse. Life is good here.

For now, I'll offer up a handful of photos from the last few days. In time I'll write a proper blog, but just know that things are going great and we're all so stoked to be here!

Nice. Always been one of my favorite European cities. Beautiful stone beaches, a melting pot of the Italian and French Med culture and charming people and downtown area. I'm excited to spend more time here. 
I'll never get tired of the view from Ceuse... 
Becca and little Fitz man.
Street art in Aix. 
Fondation Vasarely. An impressive and very unique art museum in Aix. 
The beautiful and unrelenting Biographie, and the expanse looking towards the Med from Ceuse. Becca Caldwell Photo.