Thursday, March 5


The super-successful BCS (Boulder Climbing Series) 08/09 season is coming to a close Friday night. This will be the 5th and final event of the season. Friday night will consist of two separate events- from 5-8pm will be the last BCS citizens competition in the same format as before (redpoint; take as many burns as you want, your hardest 3 routes count) and everyone is invited and encouraged to check it out- regardless of your participation or attendance to the earlier comps. There will also be a special invitational comp starting at 8pm featuring some local rock stars pulling hard in an on-sight style back-to-back route battle. 

My Dad will no doubt be crushing his way through the citizens comp, destroying the 50+ age category, and I will be trying hard to the grave yard in an effort to hold down my local territory in the invitational comp- my second competition ever! 

No more excuses. This is the last event like it this season.. In the unlikely event that you have a really good excuse not to come have fun and compete in the citizens comp (broken legs, for instance) then at the least come through, check the invitational comp and cheer me on! Kynan Waggoner and Chris Danielson are serving up some burly routes to test local hardmen Paul Robinson, Taylor Roy, Steve and Matty Hong, Dan Mirsky, Mark 'Cookie' Hobson, myself and others. The Women's field is stacked as well with plastic goddesses Emily Harrington, Paige Classsen, Kara Caputo and many others all gunning for top BRC crushin' lady status! Don't miss it. Details Here