Tuesday, March 3

Who Ridin?!

Long before I fell in love with climbing, I was a die hard mountain bike rider. Nothing quite compares with the rush of steep, rolling singletrack and the sound of a howling Chris King freewheel... AHHhhh. Throughout the winter I normally force myself to take a break from the bike, and surrender to running as a form of cross training (cause riding in the cold / ice / snow is brutal), but the brilliant temps on the front range and the fact that March (what? Seriously?) is here has inspired the annual spring tune up and my stoke for riding is back in full effect. I spent all day yesterday building up a new cross country rig and all day today looking for new parts to complete my freeride rig.. stoked. You riding? Give me a shout!

This past weekend I had a couple really nice days down at Shelf Road with some fresh faces. Weather was great and although gravity seemed at a high level, we all had a blast climbing and getting our bronze on a bit. I'm heading to the rock gym to try and get some last minute plastic fitness for this friday's BCS Invitational Finale and Citizen Comp at the BRC- I will post more details soon.. 

Enjoy this posted photo of me hugging a 12 pack, cruising to camp on my once beloved Rocky Mountain Pipeline, somewhere around Moab from back in the day.. Cheers!