Tuesday, September 29

Big Apple

I took a big juicy bite out of the big apple this past weekend and it has got me feeling a little hung over. As I've mentioned before, this city has a distinct feeling unlike any place I've ever been. A hustling intensity saturates nearly every part of your day, which many come to enjoy and even thrive on. For myself, this is a slow-soul-drainer. Naturally, when visiting old friends your days and nights are always packed, but being in the city I found myself with an underlying, subtle running stress level at all times. Riding a bike through Brooklyn- intense, driving through Manhattan- intense, walking through Times Square- intense, finding your favorite muffin at Whole Foods- intense, drinking and dancing and drinking- intense, and so on. A little stress is definitely fuel to some folks, and I honor you all with great awe. For me, I thrive on quiet when I sleep, riding my bike down empty roads and seeing a natural landscape over my shoulder.. but don't get me wrong, I had a BALL in the big apple. Everyone can use a couple long ass nights every once and a while, and there is no better place to do it than in Gotham City.
My long time best buddies took great care of me, and showed me an excellent time as to be expected. These dudes are not just like my family, they are my family. When we all get in the same room together it is obvious that we have created a relationship over the years that is beyond friendship, at times it even creeps others out.
Between big nights out in Brooklyn and Manhattan I had a couple sessions at a brand new climbing wall in Brooklyn called Brooklyn Boulders. I was very impressed with this facility and so stoked for the once S.O.L. urban climber in the city who had no place to call home. Well folks, this is your new house!! I'm going to put together an extended review from the perspective of a long time route setter and plastic rock climber within the next few days complete with beta and photos- stay tuned.

photos: chillaxin in Crown Heights. it called a jump shot and they're hilarious.