Monday, September 7


Labor Day has come to pass, and I must say, I have been holding it down in the labor department. The past four days in a row I have put in work to finish up remaining routes and routes in need of attention at the Wizards Gate. After a very busy, albeit inspiring few weeks, I can proudly say that my work is done up there. My drill, bolting gear, static rope, a plethora of quickdraws and other random niceties are all here now, in the comfort of the Estes cabin. The stash is out, the routes are installed and the crag is wicked. I invested hundreds of dollars, 12-15 days of work and a whole lot of Justin's Nut Butter in this crag and I couldn't be more stoked on it (well... maybe..). My dad and I bolted over a dozen routes ranging from 5.9 to 5.14, including some wicked granite slabs and in my opinion two of the areas best 5.13+'s. It is definitely cooling off up in the high country, but pick a warm day and come sample this gem area before the season ends!!

I've got some Metolius bolt hangers and a bit of a battery charge left- guess I should find another cliff to develop, ASAP. And that is just my plan. I've got a few good hunches and plenty of leftover hardware to keep me busy.
If all goes as planned, the hyper strong Paige Claassen, Neely 'Killer' Quinn and I are heading to Lander, Wyoming for some delicious limestone pockets this weekend. I've got some unfinished business up there that needs to be executed, and Paige and Neely are in top shape to flash the whole Killer Cave. Should be fun.

If you don't already have an Urban Climber subscription, now is the time, cause the next issue features some outstanding Andy Mann photos and a feature article written by.. yours truly! On that note, if you don't already have tickets to this years Reel Rock Tour, now is the time-premier is thursday night at the Boulder Theatre.. Tommy on El Cap, K Jorg in Bishop, Sharma on Jumbo ??? dope. See you there.

photos: Andy Mann shoots magic of me on 'Cloak and Dagger'.. a busy day of sending at the Wizards Gate.