Friday, September 18

Rally for the Fall!

All of a sudden the Equinox appears on my calendar, just a few days ahead of me. Whoa. Come to think of it, I have been wearing a hoodie in the morning with my coffee, and I did hear a surprising number of 'it's chilly' comments last night while eating dinner outside at Sherpas. A few rogue leaves have made a color change and I can't quite comfortably sleep with all the windows in my house wide open any more.. I'm not ready to proclaim it fall quite yet, but I can feel the makings of it. You know what this means? Fellow rock climbers living in the northern hemisphere... soon.. soon it is our time to shine. Our beloved fall season is just around the corner, do you know where your power is?!?! I know school just started, and maybe work is bustin' your balls, but this is our time people! Whether you're a weekend warrior, an afterwork sessioner, a full-time climber or a once-a-month-if-I'm-lucky type.. let's freakin get after it! Our projects don't stand a chance in these conditions, and it's only getting better.
I'm hitting the road shortly and motoring northward to my second favorite foothills town.. Lander, Wyoming. I can't get enough! so much fun up there. Paige Claassen and I will be tearing it up, most likely at Wild Iris, for a couple days. Last weekend we all had a ball destroying the Killer Cave and enjoying some wicked sun shine. Everybody sent something and most of us shined, yeah! although my draws are still swinging in the breeze up there..
Speaking of (not) sending projects.. The Triple Crown Bouldering Series is about to kick off and this year LaSportiva is offering up tons of goodies (including 4 pr shoes!) to those who are willing to record their experiences at any of these three events and share them. I think this is a cool opportunity not only to potentially win some killer gear but also to share photos, laughs, successes and failures with fellow climbers. Go here to read more about it...
I've been putting together some promo material for an amazing slide-show that Andy Mann and I are putting on October 7th at the BRC. It's called Colorado Burl and Beyond and it will be a knee-slapping good time characterized by a couple of my stories and some breathtaking images from the MANN himself. Stay tuned for free beer, a dope raffle and two good looking gents getting all red in the face in front of lots of people!!!

I have more crap to spray about (I actually made a list.. such a dork I know) but right now I gotta pack the Subaru and hit the highway- mono's await!! Enjoy your weekend.

photos: the crew gears up for some Sinks A0 shit! Paige is a BOSS. I'm snacking Mac and Cheese out of a bag, who says climbers don't have class!?