Wednesday, October 6


...and 19 hours later.. we made it alive. It was something of a heinous drive (as expected), but at this point I could care less, the road treated us well and there were no major negatives. Immediately upon arrival we jumped out of the car and cranked some nice sunset laps at the Roadside Crag... Welcome back to the RED!!!

I had (more than enough) time to finish off putting together my slide-show during the drive. I've got a cool little selection of pictures from Smith and The Red to show off and a box full of ARCTERYX goodies to raffle away tomorrow night in Lexington.. I'm super excited!! Be there!

Here is a killer video that myself and Jon Glassberg put together featuring a rad little route close to Boulder called 'Primetime to Shine' 14b. This Daniel Wood's first ascent features some nice bouldery movement on gnarly little grips, with little opportunity to relax. I originally did the route last year, but I was happy to jump back on it to grab some video with Jon. I really enjoyed working with Jon, and while the direct sun and spotty shade was not ideal for the video (or climbing) he managed to create a bad ass little piece. Enjoy!