Monday, October 4

Ready for Launch

It's been something of a battle to keep my psych levels at peak over the last few weeks since I finished Kryptonite. As many of you surely know, nothing motivates like a project or a goal, and with my trip to Kentucky still weeks ahead of me, I felt as though I was left with a little too much down time. To fight my easing stoke, I clocked long and sometimes arduous hours on plastic, repeated a number of local test-pieces (some again and again), and even tried to do some bouldering (whoa!!!), not to mention belaying my lovely girlfriend as she took down one of the state's hardest. These were all worthy inspiration, but nothing works quite like the real thing - which at this point, is only a heinous drive away.. I'm mega enthusiastic to announce that.. I've finally made it! We leave for Kentucky tomorrow. Psych levels are accelerating rapidly!!! It's going to be a good fall.. I can FEEL it.
If you'll be in the area, definitely come and get fired up with myself and friends Emily Harrington and Sam Elias for an evening of slides, stories and good times. This Thursday (the 7th) in Lexington at Phillip Gall's at 7pm. I'll be showing wicked awesome slides from an all-star photographer cast including Andy Mann, Keith Ladzinski, Andrew Burr, Ben Moon and Brian Goldstone of my recent trip to Smith Rock and of course from last October in Kentucky. More info HERE.
it's kinda pretty up here..
For years I've been trad and sport climbing in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, but somehow I'd yet to visit the exceedingly popular bouldering areas. Well, in search of something different I decided to check it out with a crew of good friends one day this past weekend. This would essentially mark the first time in over a year that I bouldered outside (just a little dust on my crash pad), and I have to admit.. it was super fun. I got the lower Chaos tour and totally loved it - the landscape and the problems were exceptional. Not that I needed a reminder, but bouldering is certainly a weakness of mine. I felt challenged and had enough fun to set a few goals for next season - strictly bouldering goals - that I will need to work up to. I'll always prefer the involvement, thrill and lactic acidity of routes, but I've decided it would be rad to boulder for a month or two next year and try to tackle some weaknesses. I did put down a couple boulders on our tour however, onsighting 'Potato Chip' V7, did 'The Marble V10' and 'Deep Puddle Dynamics' V9 along with some good effort on 'Nothin but Sunshine' V13 and 'Gobot' V11 among others. The weather was nearly perfect, the trees were going OFF, and the company was killer- enough said.
b-real styling, in style
Tony Yao crushing four fingered folks egos
Seth Lightning kills boulders. 'The Marble'
myself on the radical 'Deep Puddle Dynamics'
From a sea of over 20,000 submissions, arriving from over a hundred countries, Andy Mann's image of myself exiting the hyper reachy crux of 'Vogue' was chosen for Red Bull's incredible collection of sports images- the book is called 'Illume' and it's absolutely stunning. Andy and I are both STOKED to be featured. Speaking of Andy Mann.. he, myself and Paige all got out to shoot photos at the beautiful Monastery. Andy captured some incredible images of Paige crushing on 'Grand Ol' Opry' and of myself on 'The Quickening' and 'Third Millennium'. Keep your eyes pealed for some jaw-dropping sickness.
stoked to be in here..
Okay, I'm off.. time to load up the iPod and pack the WRX. My next update will be from the comforts of Slade, Ky.. I'll also be sending quick and titillating updates through scenic Kansas from behind the wheel via twitter (exciting stuff!!). Cheers.