Wednesday, March 2


Having the pressure of Necessary off my back has allowed for FUN to once again saturate my climbing day... and the quality of climbs at the VRG makes this an easy target. I was egger to check out the other 5.14 on the wall - 'F-Dude' 14a - which opens with a challenging boulder problem, and continues through the cruxes of two 13b's to finish some 40 meters above the deck. It's an awesome pitch, and I was psyched to get it done.. but not before making the mistake of fumbling some 5.11 on the upper section of 'Fall of Man' 13b.. (rookie mistake!).. gotta laugh - we all make em from time to time. Yesterday I did a nice, albeit short little boulder problem route called 'Swear to God' 13b, and cleaned up 'Dark Boy' 13b, finishing the long day with a headlamp ascent of 'Dude' 13c. Awesome. The Planet Earth wall seems to be quite wet after this seasons rain, but I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, heading back to the Gorge tomorrow!
killer view of Red Rocks from the summit of Turtlehead Mtn

I finally broke down and ordered a little HD video camera - I'll try and put together a few little handheld videos, but I'll leave the quality film making for the likes of Andy Mann.. who, it just so happens, arrives in Vegas next week. Quality videos to come!