Saturday, February 26

rite of passage

One thing about rock climbing that I've always admired is how easily and universally we as climbers can share our experience. No matter what number or letter grade you happen to climb, all of the emotions involved are the same. Climbing brings us to confront our ego, create goals, feel reward, thrive on success and of course, suffer from failure. We all experience whirlwind victories from time to time, just as we all inevitably experience weakness and defeat. As much as we'd like to turn away from these moments of discomfort, this is when a real opportunity for growth is laid before us.
beneath I-15
This past Thursday, my battle with 'Necessary Evil' finally came to a close when I clipped the chains on this masterpiece. In the end, this savage pitch required more effort from me than any other climb in over two and a half years. I fought with frustration, terribly fickle conditions, and some severely height dependent cruxes.. but all excuses aside, the reality is that it offered a unique challenge (mentally and physically) that required both dedication and persistence... More than the victory itself, I'm just proud that I stuck with it.
Caroline Treadway Photo. Follow her radical stories and images HERE
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To me, Necessary Evil represents a rite of passage in American sport climbing and it has long been a goal of mine.. since magazine pages of heroes like Chris Sharma and Tommy Caldwell adorned my walls years ago. Nearly every one of it's few ascentionists have been major roll models to me throughout my life as a climber. I'm stoked to have my name on that list.
Kenny works it out on F-Dude
Crawling under I-15 without the pressure of Necessary on my mind is highly refreshing, and I'm psyched to continue climbing on some of the best stone in the states despite having spent many days there. Yesterday I checked out another Blasphemy Wall classic, F-Dude 14a and managed a one-hang on this epically long pitch.. I'm stoked to get back after this rainy weekend.

we're all tired after a long day at the VRG
In the meantime I'll enjoy another brilliant night out in Sin City with a hefty weight off my shoulders and a smile ear to ear. Psyched!