Wednesday, May 18

rainy days

An extra rainy spring here in Boulder has been keeping me indoors over the last week or so. Usually I might be bummed, but after a few months of hanging out in the desert some back-to-back days of rain feels amazing. Days of route setting, training hard inside and preparing for my move has been my top priority... that, and enjoying the many fine offerings of this lovely town as well - the company, eating, drinking and trails around Boulder are kick ass.
In an attempt to get my power up I've been bouldering more and more. I'm really liking the Spot recently - spending about half my time training over there. This gym has perhaps the highest concentration of difficulty of any gym I've ever visited - it's easy for me to find problems that suit my climbing style and problems that really challenge me. One great thing about having an outstanding weakness is that you can see gains almost immediately - and I'm really starting to feel like my bouldering sessions are paying off.

a night out for Marisa's birthday..
in 3-D!!
The Tacoma is now almost totally weatherproof - a huge improvement - and one that I'll certainly put to the test in a few weeks when I'm in Seattle. Before I make my way to Sea-Town, I'm going to stop off at one of my favorite crags, Smith Rock, to try and enjoy their unseasonably cool late spring and get some hard climbs done. This will give the seeping Seattle area a little more time to dry out as well.