Saturday, May 28

ready and psyched

The last couple weeks have been busy - I've been pacing myself to be productive while trying to set aside plenty of time for training. Every now and then, whilst lugging a filled box out to my pick-up I'm suddenly struck by the reality of this change - I've been living here in Boulder for almost 17 years, here in my condo for over 4 of those. As my first step into my new life approaches, I'm overwhelmed with excitement for this change, and happy that I finally feel prepared to take a break from my life here in Boulder. Not being completely sure of what might lay ahead is an empowering thought for me. I've stacked up a great calendar - extending all the way into next March! - but who knows how it will all actually play out... psyched regardless.

For now, I'm off to Smith Rock, Oregon, to try and put down one of the country's original test pieces, catch up with some friends and spend a little more time at one of my favorite crags. Hopefully the weather around Seattle will clear up shortly after for some potential new route action just a short drive from Sea Town... fingers crossed.
'welcome back to Smith, Jonathan' -harmless snake
Most of my training recently has been power based, and I'm psyched to say that I've made some awesome progress developing this weakness over the last month. I've known for some time that this discipline was severely lacking in my tool box - and that the next step for my climbing would unquestionably be attacking this head on. I've done a few days of routes here and there to check in on my fitness, but mostly I've been bouldering, trail running, doing some cross-fit and even a little yoga.. I did my first actual class this morning with yoga master and oldschool honemaster Dan Michael!
feeling powerful back in '09 on the amazing 'Out of Africa' v10 MANN PHOTO
I'll be putting my running skills to the test this monday (hopefully not shaming my Arcteryx team mate and badass Adam Campbell) in the legendary Bolder Boulder 10k. This race is always a good time, and I'm really pleased that I'll be here to participate this year.

I checked out an inspirational art opening with my girlfriend Marisa last weekend - she's an artist herself and a writer. She interviewed the featured artist and I tagged along to take some photos. Check out my photos and her interview here for a little something different...
Back on the road this Tuesday... can not wait!