Wednesday, January 25


A quick change of pace can be refreshing. Here, I'm referring to this past weekend's rain across Southern Nevada. Sure, it screwed up a couple days I could have trying my project, and rained out countless stoked individuals, but a little rain in the desert is actually quite nice. It's a nice change. 

And here I find myself in.... Tulsa?? Indeed! I'm setting routes on an Eldo Walls job this week. The crew is great, I enjoy the hard work and of course it also puts some good money in my pocket. While it was definitely very hard to leave Nevada given the awesome forecast and also my steady progress on the project, again, a little change can be nice.

I only got a couple burns on the route since last writing, but I'm making headway with every go. While it pissed rain on Arrow Canyon and Vegas alike this past weekend, I spent a handful of days training my ass off, non stop going through beta in my head. I can not wait to buckle down on this project and put it to rest, but it'll have to wait until next week when I return from Oklahoma. I feel like I've been climbing on this route for a month now, when in reality I've only had a chance to try it 7 times... definitely feeling my motivation building up to do this damn thing!!!

Chris Weidner in work mode
Zeke and Sammy

Lots of friends are stopping through Vegas this next week and through mid Feb. It will undoubtedly bring some wicked good times. Stay tuned...