Thursday, February 9

On and on

More of the same. Which at this point is not at all a bad thing. I've been rounding up partners for Arrow as best I can (it's an obscure zone for sure), and continuing my siege on this incredible route. My progress has been tangible and very exciting from day to day, keeping me plenty motivated. At this point I'm regularly climbing within a move or two of success. At 16 honest tries in, I'm confident that this is the hardest route of my life. It's been an awesome challenge and I'm really looking forward to finally clipping chains. Any day now... this brutal piece of stone will allow my passage, I can't wait.

©Ladzinski photo
©Ladzinski photo
 My good friends Keith Ladzinski, Andy Mann and Jorge Visser came out to Arrow this past weekend to have a look at the rig and shoot some video. It was great to catch up with these all-star gentlemen and also cool to see the amazing clips they put together of me on the route.

Homeboy Alex Honnold has been hanging in the Vegas area as well-- putting down area test-pieces like Monkey Bar Direct V8, barefoot (seriously, it was impressive). He's a humble guy and always motivated. It's been cool to hang with him a bit and I'll be psyched to see him tear it up while he's here. 

The best hosts. These guys are practically family at this point. It'd be a lie to say living with, climbing with and hanging with Chris and Heather is anything short of awesome. I often feel like a kid when killing time, bullshitting with these guys-- it's great. We make delicious food, play pool, go out, watch movies, climb all day, train all night... it's like a some kind of fantasy life here in Vegas. Thanks guys.

Chris uses advanced knee-bar technology on his way to an impressive onsight of 'Brown Sugar' 12d

the full moon ignites the desert

Heather Robinson on the burl train

Stacey Pearson has been hanging with us at the Vegas house. She's a long distance running machine, and is always wearing a smile. 
Tiffany Vidal taking it down
Money cheers after a rad day at the cliff. Always psyched with such good friends around. Crushers Mayan Smith-Gobot, Stacey, Ben Spannuth and the crew ©Ladzinski

I'm pleased to announce my new partnership with Climb On! products. I've been using there amazing Skin Repair Bar for years and it's never let me down. Skin is everything to us as climbers (and bikers and hikers and artists and doctors and the list goes on...), and more often than not, our skin can be the weakest link towards our success. These guys make a killer product with natural and socially responsible ingredients that keeps me climbing day after day. Along with the bar, Climb On! offers a variety of products like Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Deodorant and even Bug Spray, all created with love and respect for our environment. Nice job ClimbOn!