Monday, December 8

something different

Climbing is everything to me. So much so, that it overwhelms nearly every aspect of my life, my plans and my goals and so forth. It's something of a tragedy in some ways because I'm so passionate about all kinds of traveling and yet I really only visit climbing destinations.

On top of that, I find it hard to rest because my stoke has a tendency to also be overwhelming. Last year I started what I hope will be a tradition of me briefly breaking away from my climbing and also getting to explore a little bit without the sole purpose of sending hanging over my head. 

Anyways. It was really nice. I went to Japan and Indonesia and Singapore. It was crazy and it was hot and it was totally unreasonable, but it was awesome and I feel very ready to get back to my climbing now. Here are a some images from the long week. 

Now for a long journey back to Colorado, and the beginning of my winter training routine... onward!