Tuesday, December 30

two thousand fifteen

A day or two more of 2014. It was by all means an important year for me. My best year of climbing. I made countless new friends. Saw dozens of new places. I set foot in the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean. A dozen countries. Many states. Many, many miles on the truck, many more in the air. 

I'm overwhelmingly grateful for this past year, and I'm ambitious to make the next year better yet. Thanks to everyone in the community for the support, for the belays, for the spot to crash, for the food, for the welcome and for the laughs. I hope that for all of you, the next lap around the sun is wild and heart opening and inspiring and crazy and safe and enlightening and fun as hell. 

Below are a few of the in-between moments from my camera in 2014. 

Cheers to the good life and happy New Year!